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Tennis court cake

Tennis court cake

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I put plastic wrap in an oven tray with high walls, I put the first cream made exactly according to Anca's recipe for the graduated cake with berries.

For the second cream I prepared pudding, whipped cream and gelatin following the instructions on each package, I put vanilla sugar in the pudding, and when it cooled, I mixed it with gelatin, then I added a light mixture and whipped cream. I added it spoon by spoon over the first cream, so as not to mix the layers. I syruped the biscuits in the compote juice and placed them next to each other, over the second cream. I covered it with foil and put the tray in the freezer for an hour, then I moved it in the fridge until the next day. In order to have straight lines on the tennis court, I made narrow strips of aluminum foil and I made the lines on the court. I put the green rooster, then I peeled off the foil strips and with the tail of a fork I put the white rooster on the ground lines.

Serena Williams, sensational appearance on the tennis court

This time, Serena Williams showed how she is training for the next tournament she will participate in, waiting for the Grammy awards. This is the tournament in Miami that will take place between March 23rd and April 3rd. We remind you that the American left the Australian Open in the semifinals, being defeated by Naomi Osaka. In the quarters, Serena had passed Simona Halep.

To keep fit, Serena Williams takes the tennis racket in her hand as often as possible and her daughter is her reliable partner. Yesterday, the two presented themselves to the fans in a sensational appearance. The two wore gala dresses with ruffles. Serena opted for a cream train dress, and little Olympia wore a loose, fuchsia pink dress. My mother wore high-heeled sandals before taking the tennis racket in her hand.

How to build a tennis court for free

The Baron of Brasov, Aristotel Căncescu, received a bribe from one of the companies favored at the auctions for a tennis court, DNA prosecutors claim. The Liberal strictly supervised all the contracts "served" by the CJ, the prosecutors also show.

The evidence in Aristotel Căncescu's file shows that the entire activity of the Braşov County Council, especially the award of public procurement contracts, was carried out at his disposal and under his strict supervision, but also according to his interest. This conclusion is mentioned in documents of the investigators from the corruption case of the president of the Braşov County Council. According to the DNA prosecutors, Căncescu & icirci granted "criminal support" to many subordinates, starting with the vice-president of the institution, Mihai Pascu. & quot & In his capacity as president of the Braşov County Council, the defendant Căncescu Aristotel exercised a direct influence and authority over the members of the county council, who practiced formally and from his direct / indirect disposition a draft of substantiation notes, on the basis of which the defendant ordered payment and justification of huge sums to the two 'house' companies, for unexecuted works or for works that are paid for at its disposal several times or for overestimated works & quot, DNA documents are mentioned. According to the investigators, Căncescu's direct interest results from the fact that, according to the two companies & quotde house & quot, overvalued contracts, abusively paid from public money, part of the money was returned in the form of a bribe to him. The two companies subscribing to the contracts with CJ Braşov are owned by Ion Diniţă, PC deputy, and Gabriel B & icircgiu, investigated, also, in this case.

Damage of over 7.6 million euros

According to DNA, Aristotel Căncescu received a bribe from one of the companies that favors a tennis court at auctions. Thus, based on two contracts offered preferentially to the company Ramb Sistem - represented by Gabriel B & icircgiu, the company built a tennis court for Căncescu at his residence in R & acircşnov.
& Icircn account of these favors, the budget of CJ Braşov was damaged by over 660,000 lei.
Deputy Ion Diniţă (PC) is also being investigated in the case. He is being investigated for complicity in abuse of office and bribery, after the Brasov County Council was allegedly harmed, following illegal payments made to the parliamentarian's company, with over 7.6 million euros. Investigators claim that SC Gotic SA, of deputy Dinita, was one of the "home" companies of Brasov County Council, "quality" resulting from the number of contracts awarded, the method of award - with the subsequent change in price - and the content of intercepted calls.

According to DNA, the vice-president of the Braşov County Council, Mihai Pascu, had, at the disposal of Aristotel Căncescu, several agreements with Ion Diniţă, & quot to determine him to accept new contracts, provided that part of the money be returned to recover damages from previous contracts & quot . The anti-corruption prosecutors detail the payments made to Diniţă's company, specifying that the deputy's company received one million lei, an amount considered exorbitant by DNA, in exchange for two layers of asphalt poured on two kilometers of road in Racoş locality. Subsequently, Costea Viorel, director of the Roads and Bridges Administration Department within the CJ, drew up a report proposing the allocation of another amount of 2,900,000 lei, for the payment of the same works. Costea is also being investigated in this case, for abuse of office.
In this case, Aristotel Căncescu was detained on Monday evening by the anti-corruption prosecutors, after being heard for several hours at DNA Braşov. The same preventive measure was ordered in the case of the public administrator of the county, Radu Ispas. According to the investigators, the vice-president of the Braşov County Council, Mihai Pascu, is also being investigated, for abuse of office and incitement to attempt this crime.

Traditional Russian dishes, at Matryoshka, in Palas Mall

Customers of the Palas ensemble, who crave a hearty meal and want to discover other cuisines, can go to Matryoshka, the location in the food court that awaits them with traditional Russian food.

For those who want to warm up with a delicious soup, Matryoshka proposes chicken juice, soleanka and pea soup. The menu also includes a variety of goodies, such as: Pork bujenina, Dorojniki with cheese, sauerkraut or potatoes and mushrooms, Pork pelmeni, Pirojki with cherries or apple, chicken roasts, Jarkoe with pork, Ragu chicken with vegetables, Beef Stroganoff beef and sour cream sauce, potato dumplings and more. Also here, the curious can try the Shuba salad, not missing from the Russian festive meals, with vegetables and marinated herring, or the Mimoza salad, with baked salmon.

Those who love desserts can enjoy stuffed plums, Smetannik cake, baked apple in dough or other delicacies. For those who want to complete the menu with a special drink, Matryoshka has prepared cherry or sea buckthorn compote. In addition, customers can also opt for menu offers with prices between 16 and 22 lei, which include main course, salad, soup of the day and cherry compote.

In order for the products to be enjoyed while they are fresh, every day, after 19.00, a 20% discount is applied.

Matryoshka dishes are made from the highest quality ingredients and according to carefully selected recipes, which faithfully reproduce the taste of traditional Russian dishes. 90% of the proposed dishes are cooked in the oven, to be healthier and more appetizing.

Djokovic, a 10 million euro house

Djokovic paid 10 million euros for the luxury villa, which he has already moved in with his wife, Jelena Ristic, and their two children: Stefan, who has been living for 6 years, and Tara, who has been living for 3 years.

Djokovic's family has nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, a cinema, a gym and a tennis court. The property covers 1,000 square meters and was rented for 10,000 euros a week before being bought by the Serbian athlete, writes theolivepress.

Djokovic has another advantage. He will live closer to his brother, Marko, settled on the Costa del Sol.

Kristina Mladenovic is also in Dubai, the two already training together. "Kristina Mladenovic, thank you for a great training session," Simona wrote on Instagram. Before the big tournament in Dubai, Simona Halep will participate, in January 2020, in the Adelaide tournament, scheduled for January 12-18.

Simona Halep, Spartan training at the end of the year. The star who appeared on the same tennis court

The ace of tennis tournaments

I first saw a Roland-Garros tennis match when I was in high school, on TV, with my father. At the time, I didn't know anything about tennis and it wasn't clear to me how the score was going, but something kept me in front of the screen until the end of the match. It was love at first sight. It didn't take long and I learned not only how to hold the score, but also how to hold a rocket in my hand. Shortly after a match or when the game was interrupted by rain, I hurried down the block with a blunt tennis ball, which I hit the first wall that came out in front of me with the Reghin wooden racket. I remembered the images from my childhood, including the moment when I put several neighbors in my head, after I crushed a few bricks to make a field like on TV, last year during the Roland-Garros tournament, when the rain was the "star" of several matches. I knew I would have the opportunity to talk to the organizers of the famous tour, so I couldn't help but ask them what their plans were for modernizing the Roland-Garros infrastructure. That's how I found out that the organizers' agenda includes the purchase of modern equipment, but also the construction of a retractable roof, which would allow the continuation of matches in the rain, but also at night. The renovations will be completed in 2020, and the total investment will amount to 350 million euros. Although the arena is in a full renovation process due to modernization works, spectators will not suffer and will be able to fully enjoy the experience offered by the competition. This year's edition of the tournament - which will take place between May 22 and June 11 - will be an exceptional one, both on and off the field.

More than 6,000 employees will take care of the smooth running of this year's edition of the tennis tournament, which celebrates 126 years since its launch, during which time it has created its own identity, with a unique character and atmosphere. "From a sporting point of view, this tournament promises to be truly spectacular due to the return to the forefront of players Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard will certainly try to win his tenth title at the Porte d’Auteuil. Therefore, Novak Djokovic, the holder of the title, will have to face a fierce competition ", the representatives of the French Tennis Federation declare for Biz.


The organizers have prepared a series of pleasant surprises for the spectators. Parisians will be able to fully enjoy the experience of the Grand Slam tournament, thanks to the "Roland-Garros through the city" operation. arena. The entertainment area, called RG Lab, offers the public the opportunity to participate in a series of truly innovative activities. At this year's edition, the space dedicated to relaxation will allow spectators to live the experiences of a budding tennis champion, through animations. A walk on the alleys of the arena will offer participants the opportunity to get involved in many activities presented at the stands of Roland-Garros partners, but also to relax in an area for catering services. "We have always set out to strive for excellence. Given the recent events that have taken place in France, security is, of course, one of our priorities. All the necessary measures have been taken to guarantee the safety of those involved in the tournament ", the representatives of the Tennis Federation told me about the organization of this year's tournament.


Serena Williams, banned from the tennis court

Radical decision for Serena Williams. The organizers of the tournament at Roland Garros (Paris) forbade the tension to step on the field in the controversial "Catwoman" equipment. And the news was given to him by the president of the French Tennis Federation, Bernard Guidicelli.

The 36-year-old sportswoman has attracted a lot of criticism from fans this year. Therefore, at next year's edition, Serena Williams will no longer be accepted on the field dressed in a completely black suit, with a red line around her waist.

In May, Serena turned a lot of attention and caused a huge controversy when, together with the Nike sponsor, she decided to appear on the Parisian slag equipped as a Catwoman. And most fans felt that the equipment had nothing to look for on a playing field, few were those who agreed with the choice of the great American champion.

"Serena's equipment this year, for example, will no longer be accepted. You have to respect the game and the place, "said Bernard Guidicelli.

Tort Field tennis

Fans of white sports, tennis, can have a birthday cake, perfectly personalized for them. The message, colors and shape can be modified at will.

I used 2 types of cake:

Diploma for & quotminge & quot and Amandina for & quotteren & quot.

We prepare the diplomat according to this recipe.

We prepare the top for the almond:

In a bowl put the egg whites of the 6 eggs and mix them well until they harden in the bowl, then add the sugar, water, and yolks rubbed with oil, and start mixing with a spoon, not the mixer, from the bottom in up, until the egg whites are incorporated. After incorporating the egg whites, then add a little flour mixed with cocoa, and mix. You will get a thinner dough. Pour the dough into a not very large tray, line the tray with baking paper.

I cut the top in 2 and left it to cool

In the meantime we deal with the syrup:

Put the ingredients in a bowl and boil them for 10 minutes from the first roommate. Then let it cool.

Heat the butter in the microwave for about 15 seconds (no more) and beat it with the mixer until it starts to become fluffy, add a yolk, then powdered sugar (preferably commercially because it has starch, or you can put 1/2 teaspoon of starch), finally cocoa and rum essence.

Glaze: melt chocolate, butter and sugar in a bain marie (don't melt it completely).

Video: Tennis Racket Cake (July 2022).


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