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Lemon cake

Lemon cake

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For the countertop: beat eggs with sugar until smooth and get a creamy texture, then add flour with baking powder, oil, milk, juice and lemon peel and mix. Put in a tray (preferably round with detachable edges, or it can be square but the edges should be detachable) greased with butter and lined with flour on the walls, and put baking paper on the bottom of the tray. Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. test it with a stick before removing it.

For the cream: melt the butter, beat the eggs with the orange and lemon until they become creamy, add them over the butter and put them on low heat, stirring constantly. after it binds, take it off the heat and add the gelatin prepared according to the instructions on the package, let it cool (at room temperature not in the fridge because it will harden all the gelatin and we will not be able to mix it with whipped cream), and when it cools, add the whipped cream and incorporate.

We will leave the top in the tray. and when it has cooled, we will add Limoncello over it, put the cream and put it in the fridge for a few hours (it is better to leave it overnight). When you take it out of the cold, decorate it as you wish and serve it !! Good appetite!!!

It's super good and refreshing !! Ideal for summer days.


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