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Time to Get Caffeinated On-The-Go With ‘The Dose Truck,’ Now Open in Nashville

Time to Get Caffeinated On-The-Go With ‘The Dose Truck,’ Now Open in Nashville

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The coffee connoisseurs behind the Dose Coffee House have brewed up a new, innovative way of getting your caffeine fix

Nick Park's specialty coffee, tea, and pastry shop on wheels is bringing the emerging trend of drink trucks Nashville.

Nick Park, Lead Barista/Retail Manager at Dose, has announced the “The Dose Truck” is wheels-down and ready for bookings and caterings. The Dose Truck delivers uniquely defined and hand-selected coffee along with café goodies you’d want to pair you’re your perfect cup of joe. But, for now, coffee on wheels is good enough for me!

Dose Coffee House has been serving the Nashville market since 2009. Located in West Nashville, right off of West End, Dose Coffee House is an easy-access location for people from the ‘burbs to grab a cup on the way to work. That said, Dose’s joe isn’t known around Nashville as just a traditional coffee house brew. The popular coffee is also known for its emphasis placed on the important and emerging “counter culture coffee” movement.

As most coffee houses, Dose takes its selection of coffee beans and filters piping hot water through them to produce what we know as “coffee.” But what sets Dose apart is the fact that that coffee is then dialed up by about 1,000 notches, creating a stellar cup of joe guaranteed to wake you up and keep you going. Is it passion or pretense? I’m not sure, but it tastes good, and that’s what counts.

“The Dose Truck” is hoping to capitalize on Nashville’s thriving and diverse food and drink truck scene. While many cities across the country have seen the recent popular emergence of coffee trucks, these trucks are still minorities in Nashville — it’s this gap in the market that “The Dose Truck” is looking to fill.

You have to follow the trucks to find out where they’re going to be. To keep up with the latest brew on wheels check out @thedosetruck on Instagram and Twitter.

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