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Spicy cabbage with sausages and noodles

Spicy cabbage with sausages and noodles

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I started with the cabbage noodles that I improved with sausages. They were very successful even with my son who generally avoids cabbage. This preparation is executed quickly, so it gets you out of trouble if you are in a time crisis.

  • 500 gr wide noodles
  • 500 gr green cabbage
  • 500 gr home-made sausages
  • 200 gr strong chorizo ​​[spicy Spanish sausages]
  • 100 ml of olive oil
  • 1 chopped red onion
  • salt
  • leek
  • radishes
  • pepper-optional

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Spicy cabbage with sausages and noodles:

Boil the pasta in salted water [to stay firmer]. Drain the pasta and keep 100-150 ml of the water in which they boiled.

Slice the chorizo ​​sausage and cook it together with chopped red onions and larger pieces of homemade sausage.

Cut the cabbage into small pieces and cook it together with the sausage and onion for 5 minutes. Sarati.

In order for the cabbage to penetrate as quickly as possible, add a little water in which the pasta was boiled. Boil until the liquid evaporates [5-10 minutes].

Serve the cabbage with sausages on a bed of wide noodles decorated with your favorite fresh vegetables.

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You can use whatever pasta you prefer.


There is no need for paprika or pepper, the chorizo ​​forte sausage releases by hardening in oil the strong spicy taste and the reddish color of the paprika.

Simona's World

My grandmother still practices the boiler / jar pork system. Know. a great delight. In order not to spoil during the summer, my mother puts the meat in bags, in the freezer. And so in the middle of summer / autumn I found a bag of smoked meat. And as a quality cabbage was planned, we combined the two and reconciled all our cravings.

1/2 white cabbage
about 10-12 pieces of smoked meat
1 suitable onion
tomatoes in broth

I hardened the finely chopped onion.

A goodness came out, which I served with hot peppers and polenta (I don't have pictures of polenta because it was still on the fire, and then I didn't have time to pose: P)

From the flour, eggs, water and salt, prepare the noodle crust, which is then spread on sheets, left to dry, rolled into rolls and cut into thin strips 1 cm wide. Sift the noodles and boil in boiling salted water for about 20 minutes. Then cool in cold water and strain well.

Finely chop the cabbage, salt it, rub it well, squeeze it and cook it in hot lard.

After the cabbage is cooked, add the noodles, pepper and season to taste.

The recipe is part of the project "Discover Romanian culinary traditions" developed by the restaurant "Clever Chef" with the support of public relations agency, Russenart Communications and is taken from the recipe "Grandpa's recipes", written by Adrian Buzoianu, on

The product "Cabbage with homemade noodles" can be tasted at the promotional price of 6 lei, between February 6 and 10, daily, between 16 and 21, at the restaurant Bucatarasul cel dibaci, str. Olteni no. 3, sector 3, Bucharest (P-ta Unirii area - P-ta Sf. Vineri).

Shepherd's Bulz with Cabbage

I did it and I do it too: shepherd's bulge in the kitchen of the block: shock: That's what my mind takes on me when my mind goes crazy. that is, not at all. I let the instinct and the animal in me make a mess!

This is how the stars lined up: sour cabbage at the last pritoceala, smoked sausages at their final destination and bubbly cheese at the height of its scent: wink: - what could come out of here: idea: - the stars are guilty - shepherd's bulz polenta!

So, here's the cabbage (salted overnight in cold water) and red onions, finely chopped into nicely chopped sausages. Put the wok or tuciul, the pan with a thick bottom or any other large bowl with high walls, heat well and quickly toss the sausages inside. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

In the remaining lard we quickly pull out all the onions, add the cabbage and cook well, stirring almost continuously: the sour cabbage must catch a smell of 'frying ', meaning the water in it must be completely evaporated and remain only the sausage lard in which the cabbage takes on color, to perish well everywhere in a sentence, we do not want stewed, boiled cabbage (as in sarmale), but hardened cabbage!

After we have obtained a lot of hard-boiled cabbage, we put it in a heat-resistant dish where we pepper it hard and give it paprika, thyme and whatever else you want (Hungarians also put cumin, I also put sometimes, especially when I eat cabbage quality with house noodles) The idea is that you never put the paprika when we have the preparation on the flame - the paprika becomes bitterer than life if it burns!

Pour vegetable broth or water over it, bury the sausages, cover and put it in the oven for about half an hour, until the cabbage is ready (transparent but al dente)

During this time we make the bulzul: we boil a polenta hurried in the water with butter (if you have a target - whey from homemade cheese you should use it on the dance, well, at the sheepfold this is how it is done, I do it because I always aim it in the freezer )

About 15 minutes are enough for a hurried polenta, let it cool a bit and shape the bulge, either in your hands or in cups as you see in the pictures. a tablespoon of polenta on the bottom of the cup, a piece of cheese and another tablespoon of polenta on top. As the polenta is fat, it will not stick to the bottom of the cup, so you can give it a nudge to jump from the back on the belly, thus obtaining a perfect bulge.

Put them on the hot grill and walk them around to catch the crust and stripes. But even here, like the meat put on the grill, the first minutes we don't move anything in the forehead: where we put the donut there we leave it until it starts to smell 'grilled', only after that we start to roll (otherwise that crust risks remaining on the grill ).

So no matter how impatient you are, stay still and don't rush things - you can't burn too much, because it starts to smoke until your neighbors come to the door, haha. so let the crust be done and only then turn the other cheek!

Remove the bowl from the oven, uncover, make nests with the back of a spoon and heat the bulbs. Only put it in the oven if you feel the need for the bulge to be crispier, more peeled. Otherwise, you can proceed to put in plates well garnished with sour cream.

It would be soft cheese in the middle, the fluffy polenta with a beautiful peel, the cabbage neither too sour nor too bland.

Spicy cabbage with sausages and noodles - Recipes

An easy fasting recipe with lots of vegetables, which can feed the whole family at the same time. I want to see post almost all the recipes I try in this period when diversification is the key.

Cabbage is a vegetable with real therapeutic properties. It contains vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper, iron and has no cholesterol. It is recommended in diets, but be careful. Cabbage is used both internally and externally. Its most important property is detoxification, having a special affinity for toxins, which it attracts and eliminates, helping to cleanse the body of "waste" that maintains the disease. Cabbage is also indicated in respiratory, gastric, intestinal diseases (ulcerative colitis, parasitosis), general weakness, anemia.

Green beans are a vegetable rich in amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamins B1, B2, C, K and fiber and are recommended as a food-medicine especially for diabetics, the elderly suffering from osteoporosis, but also those in convalescence. Regardless of age, green beans are a food that can help people improve and maintain their health.

So I say we have enough reasons to consume them.

Cruise Phase (PL), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization



Put the olive oil plus 50 ml of water in a pot and let it heat up a bit. Add finely chopped onion and "harden" for about 3 minutes. Finely chop the cabbage and add to the pot along with the green beans. Pour water until vegetables are covered, then put the lid on and let it simmer (about 40 minutes). Add the cherry tomatoes cut in half, the tomato paste and spices and continue to boil until the cabbage is soft. If necessary, add more water along the way.

Finally sprinkle green dill on top! You won't even realize that the meat next to it is missing, it's so good!

Turkey sausages with mushrooms, fennel and ginger

I was challenged by a friend to create my own version of turkey sausages and although I never made sausages I accepted the challenge and I came up with this version of turkey sausages with mushrooms, fennel and ginger.

I created 2 different flavors that I thought would be useful especially since it is not so long until Christmas, when in addition to the traditional pork sausages you can try this option.

20 gr spicy smoked paprika

I washed the meat well, chopped it through a meat grinder, part through a large sieve and part through a smaller sieve.

I also chopped the mushrooms, ginger and garlic, then I divided the meat into 2 relatively equal parts, on one side I added fried and finely chopped fennel seeds to the mortar, salt and pepper and on the other side I added hot smoked paprika, ground cumin , salt and pepper.

I filled the mats with sausages, from both variants, then I let them dry a bit.

I boiled the sausages with fennel in 500 ml of black beer, and those with hot smoked paprika are to be fried.

It is worth trying too because both variants came out very fragrant and tasty and we especially know what they contain compared to sausages bought from the market.

Noodles with cabbage

I think I met two, maximum three people who don't like this dish. Well, my husband is one of them. :))

N e c e s a r e:
200g noodles
600g cabbage
sunflower oil

P r e p a r a r e:
I cut the cabbage into small pieces with the robot (but also the knife or the gilaul do their job just as well). I praise my robot so much, but it is so useful, I recommend it for any kitchen.

Coming back, I put the chopped cabbage in a wok, with a little sunflower oil and salt & amppiper. I kept it on low heat for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, I boiled the noodles in salted water, according to the instructions on the package. For the fasting version, you can use eggless noodles. When they boiled, I drained them and put them under a stream of cold water.

Spicy cabbage with sausages and noodles - Recipes

Difficulty: medium
Preparation: 20
Baking: 1h
Portions: 4

a bag of rice-125g,
500g minced beef,
1kg sauerkraut,
200g smoked sausages,
200g pork pastrami,
200ml sour cream,
3 eggs,
1 teaspoon Chili pul biber Kotanyi,
salt and pepper from the Kotanyi mills,
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic Kotanyi,
1 teaspoon chopped thyme Kotanyi.

Method of preparation:
I used a 125g bag of favorite rice - there are boxes with 2 or 4 bags, depending on the company - but if you don't have one, you can use a cup of rice. Wash the rice, drain it and boil it with two cups of water. Let it cool, then mix it with the minced meat.
I boiled the bag of rice in water for 8 minutes, then, after it cooled, I mixed it with the meat.
Season with salt and pepper, granulated garlic and chopped thyme, to taste.

Wash the sauerkraut, squeeze the juice, then chop it finely.
I bought ready-cut sauerkraut from Auchan, from the pickle stand -)

In a ceramic or yena dish for the oven, greased with butter or oil, put half the amount of cabbage, half of the sausages cut into slices and pastrami.

then spread the minced meat mixture with rice

and cover with the remaining cabbage. Place the rest of the sausages and pastrami on top.

Beat eggs with sour cream, chili chicken from Kotanyi, and salt to taste.

Pour the mixture over the ingredients in the bowl

and put it in the preheated oven at 160 degrees C for an hour.

And with the help of a glass that I greased inside with oil, I cut a few turrets, which I served with sour cream and chili sauce, all sprinkled with thyme.

No one could refrain: P


Mother what a craving. looks great.
a good week!

whatever you cook looks great!

Wow, what good food!

Off, I want it too !! You gave me a huge craving !!

It's not hard to make and it looks perfect for such a clever dinner, with a wine in two.

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Ala's Cooking

1 sausage mai maricel
2 onions
1 red pepper
1 small white cabbage
4-5 potatoes
1 cup of rice
2 hot peppers
1/2 bunch of green parsley
salt, pepper, paprika
50 gr soft butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon tomato sauce

Cut the sausage into slices and fry. After leaving the lard, add the onion and pepper cut into larger pieces. Leave it to harden a little, then add the chopped cabbage, the potatoes cut into larger pieces and the rice. Add enough water to cover and salt and let it boil. When the rice is done, add the butter rubbed with flour, paprika and tomato sauce. Mix well and add more water if needed. Season with salt and pepper and add sliced ​​hot peppers and chopped green parsley. Leave it on the fire for another two minutes.


Google automatic translation sucks. really.
However, it didn't stop me from coming back to check what you have been up to with cooking.
Rice and sausages make a perfect cold day meal. you would not believe it, today in news about the weather in Germany. Somewhere in the south starts to snow. I gotta get my winter clothes out.

Hi Angie! I know google translator sucks, but I thought that you can make an idea about the recipe until I will translate it. :(
Is it really that cold there? Brrr. hope it doesn't come in this direction :) Here is only raining.

your peasant food looks good and I want it to taste otzara from it argeleanco. te tzuc.

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