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Milwaukee Funeral Home Offers Free Pizza to People Pre-Planning Their Funerals

Milwaukee Funeral Home Offers Free Pizza to People Pre-Planning Their Funerals

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Putting the ‘fun’ back in funeral


A Wisconsin funeral home is using free pizza to draw attendees to an event to assist people in pre-planning their funerals.

A Milwaukee funeral home is offering free pizza to anyone who pre-plans funeral services with them. The living attendees will get to enjoy free pizza while learning about their options for eternity.

The event was posted to Facebook along with a photo of appetizing-looking cheese pizza. “Enjoy a FREE meal while our expert staff explains your memorialization options, answers your questions, and shows you how the decisions you make today will benefit your loved ones for years to come,” said the event’s description. At the time of publishing only three Facebook users have marked “interested” for the event.

Krause Funeral Homes owner Mark Krause told news station KENS that he expects 60 to 70 people to attend the event, and that he will be ordering about 20 pizzas from an area pizzeria called Vino Cappuccino.

"Food relaxes people. If we can give people something to eat, we can spend some time giving them information on why they have to pre-plan," Krause told KENS.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Krause Funeral Homes for comment.

Although pizza is pretty relaxing, all this talk of funerals and caskets may get some people thinking about thinking about what they’d like to eat right before they go — click here to read about the last meals of 22 celebrities who are no longer with us.”

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